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Dear friends,

At first, let me introduce myself: My name is Fernando Poo, a Russian musician based on Berlin. I would like to ask your collaboration in a benefit project called "Plant an mptree".

Every day I note that our society is involved in destroying and polluting the nature.And only few people are trying to stop this abuse, so I want try to send a message to the people and give my help to try to do something to save our planet, and the only way that I can use to do it, is my music...

I contacted the non-profit organization Kids Saving the Rainforest (located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica) who are trying to collect money to save plants and animals in the Rainforest.

I thought that I could help them with my music and together with 23 visual artists (who are drawing the covers, a different one for each track). I released 23 tracks in mp3 that the people can download from many different internet shops that are collaborating with us in this project. I want to release only in Digital, so that no trees or plastic is use to produce it.

I received a letter from Janine Licare, K.S.T.R. co-founder and spokesperson that says: [ Janine Licare, K.S.T.R. co-founder and spokesperson Photo by Marianne Coates ]

"We started our organization so that we could assure people that their money goes where they want it to, and do not get lost paying for administrative costs. All funds received through K.S.R.F. go to 'The Rainforest Foundation',
( a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the Preservation of Costa Rica's Rainforests) ".

And for me this is very important, I prefer to work with a little organization that works directly in the territory and not from an office in Berlin or New York!!!

If you are interested in helping the project, you could do it in 3 different ways:

1) Buy the tracks!
Every track costs 1€ to buy. From this money 30 cents (10 cents from me, 10 cents from the JopRec, 10 cents from the MKTWO) will be transferred in Costa Rica to support the K.S.T.R.

2 ) Sponsor the downloads
For every download, transfer 10 cents together with me, Fernando Poo, the record-label JopRec and the label/distribution in Berlin MKTWO, who are arranging and managing all the aspects, so that we all together could make something concrete against the developing destroy in Costa Rica and support the project promoting the cause through your channels and contacts.
We acknowledge your help by adding your homepage address or/and contact on our URLs, newsletter or press correlated with the project.

3) As a Supporter
We need people that likes our project and want to help us to promote it through all the possible channels.
It’s a benefit project, we can’t offer money, but your support will be very big help for us and for the organization that we are trying to collect money for!!!
We will include your name, your logo and the link to your web page on the website that we have created for cause and in all of the newsletters and press releases.

Fernando Poo
Berlin, 29th February 2008

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